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Meet Our Pastor

Leadership in the 21st century church is exciting. It reflects the same heart and mission as it did in New Testament times and is based on the following core convictions:

  • that for Christ-followers, all life becomes significant as we do our daily work with dedication and diligence out of love for God and for our neighbor
  • that leadership is about mutuality, empowerment, permission-giving, and community-building
  • that each day must be lived in utter dependence on God, especially in a world of so many competing and confusing voices and opportunities
  • that in a culture of fear, the church witnesses to the life-giving, fear-dispelling hope in the Lord Jesus Christ

I value Starmount Presbyterian Church because it, too, shares these values and is a place that is passionate about faith, scripture, prayer, and mission.

Beyond the church, I am endlessly fascinated by the beauty of life, the mystery of JMW Turner paintings, the prose of John Irving, the spectacle of "American Idol," and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on National Public Radio.

Pastor John